Starting bid:  $300                                                                                                                                          

Winning Bid: $1250

I have decided to part with my eucalyptus leaf wall sculpture for my big move out of New York. It's been in my life since I made it in 2008. At one point it was nearly twice this size, but I've had to cut it down once to fit onto the wall in my current apartment. Currently it is 10'5" wide by 8' tall, created on removable canvas that can be easily trimmed to fit any wall. It's one of those weird things I don't want to get rid of, but can't really keep. I have no idea what will become of it, if anyone will want such an unusual thing made from natural materials. So let's see what happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm picturing it's new life as a photographic background for a photographer, or just hanging in someones apartment as the craziest wall paper you've ever seen. Or put it in your floral shop in Manhattan surrounded by plants. I just want it to have a good life and continue to make people happy as it has done for us for many years. Whenever we have guests over, at least 20 minutes are spent surrounding the wall, talking about it. It's been great to have in our life and I will miss it.

This entire canvas-backed piece is hung from nails, so although the leaves are getting a bit brittle, it is removable and can loosely and gently be rolled up and transported. It is fragile though! I feel it should only be moved once more, as each time a couple leaves end up breaking. It's in good condition -- from afar especially, but up close you can see the canvas through some gaps in the broken leaves. This could easily be repaired with a few new leaves glued on, perhaps you have a friend in California that can mail you some!? That's why I am auctioning it off -- it's an old work of art with a questionable life span. Though eucalyptus leaves do not readily decompose, it is still a natural material (these leaves are very oily and dry out and preserve quite well in general). Below are some photographs of the damaged areas, which, from a distance or in photographs is not really noticeable.

To place a bid, please read thoroughly. Email me with any questions that I did not answer above with the heading QUESTION. The below requirements for bidding are mandatory!

  •  Must be local to Brooklyn, NY or willing to pick up within one week of auction ending. I will NOT ship. (Piece will have to be loosely rolled on round cardboard tube, carried or gently put into car/van.)
  •  Please email your bid to { } with the heading LEAF WALL BID.

This page will be updated a few times a day with the highest current bid. Bid as many times as you wish. Bidding will be open until Tuesday April 12th at 7pm EST. This leaf wall will be sold AS-IS, and you can use it in any way you see fit.

Thanks and happy bidding!